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JAT Airways was almost at their downfall in this field of business due to financial losses and lack of investment, however they were able to think of a brilliant and wise strategy to turn the tables. That is when the rise of new flag carrier, Air Serbia commenced. Let’s see how wonderful it is to fly with Air Serbia.

JAT Airways to Air Serbia
Initially, Air Serbia traces its roots back to JAT in 1927 with the first inaugural flight in 1929 from Belgrade to Graz and commenced operation on the 1st of April 1947 as JAT Yugoslav Airlines. The name was changed to JAT Airways in August 2003. However due to lack of investments and an aging fleet in 2013, JAT had recorded financial losses year after year and so then, they started looking for a potential strategic partner.

Air Serbia Reviews - Dane Kondić
Dane Kondić

JAT Airways had a strategic partnership with Etihad Airways and got registered with a Business Registers Agency (APR), on October 26, 2013, JAT Airways changed their name to Air Serbia. The current Chief Executive Officer and first director of Air Serbia, Mr. Dane Kodic, was able to increase the airline profit from 73M in losses in 2013 to 2.7M in earnings in 2014.

Now, Air Serbia, the new national flag carrier of Serbia is headquartered at Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport serving 41 destinations with 20 aircraft.
Air Serbia Reviews - logo meaning
A 25 year old graphic designer, Tamara Maksimovic, from Novi Sad created the airline’s logo. The airline’s branding is a stylized double-headed eagle inspired by the coat-of-arms of the Kingdom of Serbia found in the Serbian flag.

Serbian Services
Air Serbia Reviews - economy
Air Serbia caters to two cabin classes: Economy and Business Class. Both classes enjoy a palatable selection of famous Serbian dishes and other international cuisines depending on the route and aircraft. Economy Class customers are offered snacks from the Cafe service inflight and complete meals with a choice of a main course and beverages if hot or cold.

Air Serbia Reviews - businessBusiness Class customers enjoy the “Dine Anytime” service on all flights, which includes aperitif, canapes, a la carte menu with selection of beverages. The airline also serves a variety of special meals free of charge. Special meals are for passengers with dietary, medical and/or religious needs for food. Meals for babies and children are also available in their Special meals menu.

Business Class customers are offered an iPad for the inflight entertainment wherein the Economy Class is allowed to use their personal electronic device. All of this is connected with their inflight internet connection Wi-Fly. To learn more about their inflight connection, click here.

Air Serbia’s Official Website
I personally find the interface of Air Serbia’s website boring and dull. However, the colors of red, blue and white symbolizes the Serbian flag colors. While navigating Air Serbia’s official website it feels just like using a mobile app for its similarity to a modern software application on mobile phones.
Air Serbia Reviews - page
The main features of the site provides options to book flights, car rentals and hotel reservations. If travelers will notice the top of the page, tabs give access to information about the airline’s policies, inflight services, special offers and the loyalty program: Etihad Guest. The option to change the page to five other languages is located on the top right of the page.

Air Serbia Reviews of Passengers
According to list of Air Serbia reviews on, passengers are really happy with Air Serbia’s overall inflight service and performance. Some customers are saying they are satisfied and they can’t wait to fly again with Air Serbia.

The most recent review of the airline has a 10/10 rating. The customer is a loyal passenger of Air Serbia and always been happy with the standard of service and she recently flew with them. She said that the comfort on board seems to have improved and the staff were accommodating as always. However there was an inevitable delay in flight but she still noted Air Serbia as extremely polite, apologetic and professional.
Air Serbia Reviews - logo
Contact information

  • Website URL:                    
  • Contact number:                         +381 11 311 21 23
  • Contact Email:                  
  • Fax Number:                               +381 11 201 06 71
  • Head Office Address:                  Јурија Гагарина 12, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia

To Sum It Up
While I was checking other Air Serbia reviews and after gathering all these facts about Air Serbia, the airlines taught me that “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” Their rise-from-fall strategy was not to lose their loyal customer’s satisfaction and maintain the service they are known for. Have you flew with Air Serbia? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Air Serbia has definitely keep growing. I will definitely fly with them again.
    Cabin crew were pleasing and professional. Food was god and seat was comfortable.
    Not even a single minute of delayed flight. Landed to my destination safe and sound.

  2. Hi Adam, thanks for this awesome comment! Please let me know how was your experience with Air Serbia after your vacation. Safe travels.

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