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Most Airlines are owned by a country, someone or a group. Defining the word independent is very important when it comes to the airline industry. An individual creates his legacy if he managed to build an entire airline on his own with no stakeholders or supporters at all, but that is next to impossible, unless that someone is as rich as Richie Rich.

Being independent is never possible at first, but when you witness your company grow, little by little you start cutting strings.

Origins and Ownership

Air Nostrum has 6 shareholders meaning the company’s ownership is divided. The biggest percent share belongs to Carlos Bertomeu, founder and CEO of Air Nostrum since its establishment on May 23rd, 1994, year of the dog. Bertomeu may have the biggest share, but he still needed help so ownership is not absolute.

Carlos Bertomeu CEO of Air Nostrum
Carlos Bertomeu CEO of Air Nostrum

The first flight took flight on December 15th, 1994, a Fokker 50 Turboprop aircraft marked the inauguration of Air Nostrum. The flight was from Valencia finding its way to bilbao with 16 passengers aboard.

Customer Feedback

Air Nostrum managed to retain its 83rd spot on the top 100 airlines by SkyTrax 2015. The airline got a 5 out of 10 star rating on There was a mixture of good and bad comments, looks like Air Nostrum had its good and bad days.

Air Nostrum
Air Nostrum

There were reviews stating that Air Nostrum’s service is excellent from ground service to on board. Most of the reviews retaliate against each other. One traveler said that it was the most comfortable flight he’s ever been in, while another traveler claimed the seats to be cramped and very uncomfortable.

Iberia airline is Air Nostrum’s parent company, in one of the reviews a customer said that flying with Iberia was terrible and that Air Nostrum does their services better than their parents. Another debate is Air Nostrum’s value for money, some customers gave the “Value for Money” a 1 star while others 4 or 5 star, some of the customers who gave a 5-star flew business class. Air Nostum needs to keep a momentum wherein their service is always satisfactory, it may be hard but not impossible, but really, really hard.

The Website

Homepage of Air Nostrum
Homepage of Air Nostrum

Air Nostrum’s interface is simple and a little slow. Some of the features doesn’t load well, the gallery on the homepage doesn’t immediately appear unlike other airline websites.

Anyway, travelers are more concern of the travel process of booking flights rather than looking at pictures.

Customers can look for flights and book them with ease. The website includes  a page for offers with origin – destination and price rates. Other travel itinerary like car rentals and hotel reservation can be managed on the website. They also have their own youtube account for video advertisements.

Customer Service

Their phone line is open 24/7 for enquiries and bookings. They also provide email support for customers who prefers to send an email to the company rather than talking to representatives who might or might not be efficient.


Air Nostrum only has two class, the business and the economy.

Business Class

Reclining seat pitch of 31” that is “Lanthal” leather seating. Their menu offers a wide variety of food and beverages, including subs, chips, beverage and more with complimentary alcohol, meal, snacks and appetizers. In flight entertainment is enjoyed by reading because attendants distributes daily newspapers.

Economy class

Passengers can purchase snacks, sandwiches and beverages on board. No in flight entertainment, just entertain yourself by socializing with other passengers. Seat pitch 31” tops.


Economy passengers can carry a one piece of luggage not exceeding 23kg. The same weight limit applies to business class passengers but they can bring 2 luggage.


Air Nostrum’s main base is located in Valencia, Spain. The Airline has three hubs the Barcelona Airport, Madrid-Barajas Airport and Valencia Airport. Their fleet size is a total of 40 airliners and 39 to be delivered soon. Their fleet includes the Bombardier CRJ and ATR 72-600.

Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ1000 in action
Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ1000 in action

They are an affiliate of Oneworld Alliance. Air Nostrum was the Airline of the Year 2014/2015 Bronze in Recognition of Exceptional Performance in all Aspects of Regional Airline Operations by ERA (European Regions Airline Association), Barcelona   

Air Nostrum’s Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:+34 or 901,111,500
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number:+34
  • Head Office Address:


Air Nostrum is doing pretty good, there is a big chance for them to expand especially they have 39 airliners coming their way soon. Just a little polishing with everything and innovation. Did you find this Air Nostrum Review helpful? Leave your comments below.

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