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Initially established as “South West Air Transport (SWAT)” in November 1946, the airline began operations after three years connecting cargo and charter flights from Windhoek to Grootfontein using equipments of Ryan Navion. It was in 1950 when SWAT started feeder services for the flag carrier of South Africa, South African Airways. Moving forward, when the fleet was changed to Cessna 205s in 1963, the company became a subsidiary company of Suidwes Lugdiens and was renamed to “Namibair” or Namib Air.

The airline was rebranded once again following the independence day of the country, re-christened to their current name “Air Namibia” in October 1991 and was fully owned by the government of Namibia. The airline even joined the African Airlines Association in 2000.
Air Namibia Reviews-fleet-sizeNow, the national airline of Namibia is “Carrying the spirit of Namibia” with 6 Airbus and 4 Embraer on their fleet while catering services to 17 destinations in Africa and Europe. Air Namibia has a codeshare agreement with Kenya Airways, which is the flag carrier of Kenya.

Air Namibia Reviews and Services
The 3-star ranked airline has a total of 53 Air Namibia Reviews and I was surprised to see the continuation and consistent comments from customers who appreciate the airline’s overall performance and improvement in years. One reviewer even mentioned “In the last past years Air Namibia has improved a lot. The service, it’s very affordable and worthy airline. I flew from Windhoek to Cape Town several times this year and the service was very good. Staff were friendly and food quite good as well drinks. Since 2013, Air Namibia has improved and I strongly recommend.” Almost all recent Air Namibia reviews have a score of 10/10 from their passengers.

crewWell, the most commented topic about their service is their flight attendants’ exclusive treatment to everyone. Passengers are thankful for the training the crew had gone through to make them as exceptional as they are. The cabin crew of Air Namibia go extra miles to help out with a difficult situation. It is a striking factor that Air Namibia excels at their own kind of customer service.

The Official Website
It is easy to navigate the page, since the overall layout is modernized and organized. The user-friendly site can be changed to English, Portuguese or Deustch version to easily adapt to the page functionality such as booking flights, hotel reservations or car rental services. The Reward$ is the frequent flyer program of Air Namibia, where customers earn miles in every flight with them and use it later for discounts or other benefits.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:            +264 61 299 60 00 / +264 61 299 6111
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +246 61 299 60 09
  • Head Office Address:      PO Box 731, Trans Namib Building, Bahnhofstreet, Windhoek, 9000, Namibia

Did you know that Air Namibia had garnered several awards? To see them, click here. When I first heard of this airline, I never thought they could provide this excellent kind of service. Judging through Air Namibia reviews alone, it is safe to recommend the airline. Well, not all airlines can perform such exclusivity. Kudos to Air Namibia.

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  1. WDH-CPT. They offer more than european airlines on a 2 hrs Flight. Aperitif Service hot meal coffee tea etc. Very professional staff good information from cabin and flightdeck. Absolutely friendly.

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