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Air Madagascar Reviews
​​Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and known for pepper, vanilla and lemurs. The renowned scientist Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga was from Madagascar too. He is famous for his line “We need to proceed at our own pace, we need to trust ourselves and the healing virtues of nature. In the end, nature and man are nothing but one and the same entity.” Join us as we wander about the flag carrier of Madagascar一Air Madagascar.

History and Facts
Air Madagascar was founded in March 1947 by a private French airline, Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux with the aim to cater flights by TAI and Air France. Initially, Air Madagascar began with two Douglas DC-3 and de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide. To reorganize the airline, in 1961 the name was changed to Madair and became the national airline of the independent republic of Madagascar. However, a negative image was alongside with this rebranding that they thought of changing it again to “Air Madagascar” in 1962.

Now, Air Madagascar has 9 aircrafts serving 36 destinations internationally and its headquartered in Ivato International Airport. A member of the global airline alliance “Alliance Vanille”, a cooperation agreement by the Commission of the Indian Ocean between Air Madagascar, Air Austral, Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles and Air Inter Islands.

Since 2015, the flag carrier of Madagascar had been simultaneously nominated as “Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline” by World Travel Awards. Now, led by Gilles Filiatreault. He is a Canadian born citizen with 20 years of experience in aviation. During those times he already developed business plans for other airline giants internationally.

InFlight Services
Air Madagascar has signed an agreement with DTI, the leading worldwide provider of inflight entertainment. With this, passengers can access a range of on board entertainment or games such as puzzle games to boost their customer’s strategic minds. Air Madagascar has three cabins classified as Economy, Premium Economy and Business. Serves customers with extensive international dishes and keeps them comfortable with their reclining seats and accommodating flight attendants.Air Madagascar Reviews-CabinClass
Official Website
To avoid language barriers, since the site’s default language is French, customers should click on the flag icon on the top right and select the United Kingdom flag. The flashing image of the official website of Air Madagascar is their own way of promoting their latest vacation packages and offers. However, mobile app are showing on the last part of the page but there’s no such thing as airline application for Air Madagascar. The other way to keep in touch with their services is the icon for Facebook and Twitter shown on the right hand of the page wherein it directs customers to their social media accounts.
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Air Madagascar Reviews and Feedback
Recently, based on Air Madagascar reviews, the flag carrier of Madagascar didn’t gather positive comments from its passengers. Mostly are rated 1 out 10 for their posted reviews. Some customers are complaining majority about the airline’s confusing schedules and cancelled flights while others are commenting about the neatness of the cabin interior.

Another reviewer was extremely mad after Air Madagascar cancelled their initial flight and moved it to the following day without any warning. They provided proper accommodation as a compensation. However, her second flight with the same airline was overpriced and was even moved to 4 hours earlier. Due to that unreplaced booking they had to book another flight just to have a decent return flight to Bangkok. She had a total of 3 flights and she considered them all stressful. This was another 1/10 customer review.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact number:                      +261 20 22 222 22
  • Contact Email:               
  • Fax Number:                            +261 20 22 337 60
  • Head Office Address:               31 Avenue de I’Independence, Anlalakely 4932, Antananarivo, Madagascar

In A Nutshell
Judging through Air Madagascar reviews, the airline had been going to unfamiliar changes since the new CEO was appointed this October 2015. Maybe they are in the great period of adjustment which makes their loyal passengers uncomfortable and ruins the consistency of the lenient and quality customer service that Air Madagascar was known for. Have you flown with them before?

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  1. We used Air Madagascar for four internal flights. All four were reasonably on time (max delay about 45 mins). Cabin staff friendly and good complimentary snack and newspaper on each flight. Be prepared for very rapid braking at fort Dauphin (short runway)

  2. We used Air Madagascar for four internal flights. All four were reasonably on time (max delay about 45 mins). Cabin staff friendly and good complimentary snack and newspaper on each flight. Be prepared for very rapid braking at fort Dauphin (short runway)

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