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On the 1st of January 1989 Compagnie Corse Mediterranee was established as a French regional airline. However, in due time the company name kept changing to CCM Airlines (in 2000) and now, Air Corsica. The regional airlines headquartered in Ajaccio-Campo dell’Oro Airport has a total fleet size of 10 catering 17 destinations internationally. The airline operates some flights as a franchise for Alitalia and Air France.

Air Corsica Reviews-inflightOn Board Services
Air Corsica is pleased to serve its passengers with complimentary meals and snacks inflight. They also cater breakfast beverages such as hot drinks, orange juice or mineral water; this depends on the route of the customer and time of flight. Hot towels and monthly magazine from ARIA is in each seat pocket of travelers to keep them freshly entertained.

The Website
The official site of Air Corsica was simply designed plus the shocking neon dirty yellow and blue contrast caught my attention. I also love the creative flashing images regarding the airline’s latest promos and offers. It is noticed that the page was kept to fit in one view, that on the bottom part of the page gives access to Air Corsica’s news updates, all-inclusive offers, car rental services sponsored by Hertz and options to manage and check booked flights.
Air Corsica Reviews-page
Like other international airlines, Air Corsica also have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. The option to send an email assistance or contact email is shown on the top right, next to the language selector interchangeable from French to English, Italian, Danish and Dutch.

Air Corsica Reviews of Passengers
Even the airline is not as big as its competitors, based on Air Corsica reviews they have harvested a total of 6/10 star rating by Skytrax’s They are most pleased with the on board courtesy of flight attendants and generous meals. However, with almost some of Air Corsica reviews they are pertaining to the seat’s comfortability but not enough legroom.

The most recent reviewer said “On September 4th 2015, we had reservations to fly Air Corsica from Calvi to Nice. Then we had connection on Alitalia to Rome. Our connections were very tight with only 45 minutes in Nice. Weather on September 4 created much confusion. The Air Corsica flight from Nice to Calvi was delayed 1 hour and arrived at 10:45am. We were going to miss our Nice to Rome connection. We expected to be staying the night in Nice. We departed Calvi 1/2 hr late.

Fortunately, the flight from Nice to Rome was also delayed. The Air Corsica agents in Calvi arranged for an agent in nice to assist in having my wife and I meet Alitalia agent. That agent escorted us through security to our gate and we made the Nice/Rome connection. We arrived in Rome only 1/2 hour late and all of our bags (4) arrived perfectly.” He gave them a 10/10 score for this feedback.
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Contact information

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact number:                  0825 35 35 35
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        04 95 29 05 05
  • Head Office Address:           Campo Dell’Oro Airport, BP 505, 20186 Ajaccio Cedex 2, 20 000, France

Air Corsica Reviews-conclusionConclusion
After reading and scanning through Air Corsica reviews, credible site and facts, I can say that this regional airline had spread their wings in time. As the adage says “The bigger your challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth.” They might not have a CEO as of the moment, at least they know how to handle passengers evenly.




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  1. The flight went very well, with a warm welcome from the crew. The plane was pretty comfortable but a little loud. I was happy with this flight from Nice to the Bastia Airport.

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