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The flag carrier of Burundi traces its roots back in 1971 but commenced operations in April 1975. which was initially known as Société de Transports Aériens du Burundi and rebranded to “Air Burundi in June. Due to several problems, the airline ceased operations in 2007 but relaunched in 2008. However, it still faced problems with finances and overhaul funding from 2009 up to present.

Air Burundi is headquartered in Bujumbura with a current fleet of 1 Xian MA60 and 1 Raytheon Beech 1900C. The airline acquired the MA60 aircraft during their partnership with the Chinese government. Xian MA60 is a 52 seater turbo prop and has two type seating configuration. Air Burundi is currently led by their Group Managing Director, Emmanuel Habimana and it’s fully owned by the government of Burundi.

Air Burundi-crewMr. Habimana once said “Despite the challenging competition Air Burundi is committed to ensure that our operations are sustained while preserving all employment to ensure we are training future industry experts who will drive the company to even greater heights. I wish all Air Burundi travellers and partner our utmost commitment to giving you the best of Burundi’s hospitality as you fly with us.”

And Air Burundi’s MISSION:
‘To be the reliable and safest Air Transporter to all our partners, while bridging Burundi with the rest of the world and ensuring profitability’.

Air Burundi Services
Air Burundi-on-board
Air Burundi might be from a small country but their services are somehow similar to other international airlines. They even have a frequent flyer program known as eClub that stands for Executive Club. The program follows similar procedures with other airline frequent flyers, fly with them and earn points that customers can use to get freebies or service discounts on their next flight with Air Burundi.

However, as I am writing this review about Air Burundi, the airline currently suspended operations for their aircraft Raytheon Beech 1900C is undergoing heavy maintenance in South Africa.

On their official website, customers can book online either one-way or roundtrip. The site also lets travelers to check-in online, be inspired with destinations and even provide information about the airline’s policies and services. However, some icons on the site don’t even work or are malfunctioning. And the overall layout of the webpage is not modernized and makes customer a bit confused especially with the small font size.
Air Burundi-pageCustomer Reviews
There’s no Air Burundi reviews to be found. Maybe because the airline suspended some of their flights due to aircraft maintenance. But that doesn’t seem a valid reason to delete all the feedback. Or maybe there were no comments ever posted? This is quite doubtful. As of now, we’ll just rely with “Maybe”.
Contact Information:

  • Website URL:                  
  • Contact Number:                      +257 22 22 90 92
  • Contact Email:                
  • Fax Number:                             +257 22 34 52
  • Head Office Address:                BP 2460, 40 Avenue du Commerce, Bujumbura, Burundi

Judging through several reports and news, Air Burundi is on shaky standing lately. However, they are doing everything to avoid ceasing operations once again. There’s nothing wrong with mistakes,  because those are proof that you were trying, and trying means that you are willing to make an achievement.

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  1. I never heard of Burundi, but I never thought that there would be an airline too. It seems like the airline is like a domestic airline of other major countries. As a healthy criticism, they need to upgrade their site but at least some small country can operate an airline is a good thing.

    • Indeed Tikya, their site is the only factor that keeps them down. But the rest of their services and overall findings about the airline alone is outstanding. Given it’s only a small country, they were able to produce such air service. Kudos to them.
      Thanks for the awesome comment!

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