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The humble beginning of Air Botswana was actually a succession for two failed former flag carriers in Botswana, which are Botswana National Airways operated from 1966-1969 and Botswana Airways Corporation operated from 1970-1971. Air Botswana was established on July 2, 1972. But I guess Botswana Aviation has bad luck.

Air Botswana Reviews-Chris-PhatsweThe airline was infamous in 1999 due to one of its pilots who committed suicide. A pilot was circling the airport for 2 hours radioing the control tower that he intends to kill himself and crash the aircraft directly to the Air Botswana building. Few attempts were made to convince the pilot to land, passengers at the international airport panicked. Even the deputy commander of Botswana failed to convince him. The pilot actually stole the plane and when he demanded to speak with the vice president of Botswana, he ran out of fuel and crashed his aircraft to two other aircraft. All three aircraft were destroyed and only the pilot was the casualty.

During those times, Air Botswana was a four-fleet size airline and losing the three airlines crippled the operations of Air Botswana, since the fourth aircraft by then was grounded with technical trouble.
aircraftNow, recovering from that incident, Air Botswana has a growing fleet size of 7 aircraft which cater to several destinations internationally: Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The reigning flag carrier has intentions to widen their network by adding 5 more destinations in the future; that was according to their acting general manager, Agnes Khunwana.

Official Website
The page looks decent enough to entrust payments online via Mastercard, Visa and Visa electron. The features allow travelers to book flights, hotel reservations and car rental services. Like other carriers, Air Botswana’s page lets customers check their flight status. To learn more about their rewarding program by earning miles per flight, Teemane Club, click here.

Air Botswana Reviews and Services
Air Botswana might not have the aircraft like Airbus or Boeing from major airlines yet according to several mixed Air Botswana reviews, the airline sees to it that their passengers are well accommodated. Complementary and sold meals are provided during the flight. There’s not much space inside the airline’s aircraft, but customers found the interiors to be well-ventilated and felt less crowded. For airlines with ATR aircraft, they actually stand out.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:              
  • Contact Number:                   +267 3688400 / +267 3952812
  • Contact Email:             
  • Fax Number:                         +267 3974802
  • Head Office Address:            Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, P O Box 92 Gaborone – Botswana

Are you still wondering how Air Botswana was able to accommodate flight operations in 1999, since there were no aircraft functional to fly? The incident forced Air Botswana to lease an aircraft to fulfill flight schedules. Even forced, at least the flag carrier of Botswana knows how to handle a very tough situation even if that means risking their own business, they put people first. That’s why they’re still the operational national airline of Botswana. Kudos for the courage of Air Botswana in overcoming all these adversities.



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  1. Maun to Johannesburg. What a terrible experience. The plane was in disarray & dirty. The cabin staff were dishevelled & not serious. I will never fly Air Botswana again!

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