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Algeria is known as the North African country with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. The largest country in Africa by area (before Sudan). The country where champions in Olympics and other sports activities, where Nobel Prize winners Albert Camus (Literature 1957) and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Physics, 1997) were born. Now, in this review, let us talk about their national airline: Air Algérie.

Origins and Ownership
Initially known as “Compagnie Générale de Transports Aériens Air Algérie” on May 3, 1953, it was actually a merge of two airlines: 1946’s Compagnie Générale de Transports Aériens (CGTA) and 1962’s Compagnie Air Transport (CAT). The airline started with a combined fleet that included one Brequet 761, six Bretagnes, five DC-3s and three DC-4s. It was in 1963, when the Algerian government took possession of 51%, that the airline became the flag carrier as “Air Algérie”Air Algérie Reviews-aircraftInFlight Services
Now, the government-owned flag carrier of Algeria has 51 aircraft that consists of Airbus, ATR, Boeing and a Lockheed which cater to over 71 domestic and international destinations that operate in Houari Boumediene Airport. The airline has codeshare agreements with Aigle Azur, Royal Air Maroc, Tunisair and Turkish Airlines.

NOTE: There’s not much information regarding the inflight services and cabin classes of the airline.

Official Website
​​First of all, the page is in French by default. The language changer is located at the top right as “Langues”, click it and pick “Anglais” and it will turn the site on English. But what I noticed, the official site of the national airline of Algeria is just a one-page view site and not scrollable, like everything was compressed to one singular view. Though given that limited space, Air Algérie lets customers search, manage and book their flights online. It also shows the latest news and updates happening within the airline’s scope.
Air Algérie Reviews-page
The right hand of the page shows flashing images of their current deals and offers which also include the payment method and information about their cargo and frequent flyer program, Air Algérie Plus.

Keep in mind to always change the language whenever transferring or clicking one page to another on Air Algérie. Unfortunately, the airline doesn’t have a mobile app yet.

Air Algérie Reviews of Passengers
Air Algérie Reviews-complaints
According to 36 Air Algérie reviews, the flag carrier of Algeria was known to have 3 stars from Skytrax. However, the sum total of these reviews had scored them a 4/10 rating. Well, this is not actually a good impression. Despite the airlines not being one of the most major international airlines, the Air Algérie reviews mentioned were still backdated to 2015, it depends on the reader’s discretion if this will be a reliable reference to their services. But as I kept browsing, Tripadvisor provided the most recent reviews.

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Air Algérie Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:              
  • Contact Number:                  +213 21 74 24 28 / (021) 68.95.05
  • Contact Email:            
  • Fax Number:                         +213 21 74 44 25
  • Head Office Address:            1 Place Maurice Audin, Algiers, Algeria

Judging through the Air Algérie reviews, the airline has several problems when it comes to their services such as slow and long queues at the check-in area, language barrier, uncleaned comfort rooms and uncomfortable seats. But on a positive note, some customers are happy with their staff’s hospitality attitude, friendliness and very good meals.

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  1. I have never encountered an airline where the passengers themselves have to collect the luggage from the runway! This happened to me thrice with Air Algerie: Lyon to Constantine 2002 Lyon to Annaba 2004 and Constantine to Paris 2005. I am afraid Air Algerie had a lot to learn to be internationally competent.

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