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The state-owned airline, which is owned by the government of Libya traces its roots back to 2001. Afriqiyah Airways is one of the new airline companies nowadays, though running for more than a decade now. Afriqiyah Airways is actually one of the two flag carriers of Libya (other one is Libyan Airlines). The origin of the airline name came from the Arabic word ‘Afriqiyah’ which actually means African.

Afriqiyah Airways operates domestic services to Tripoli and Benghazi and 25 international services to over 25 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The all Airbus fleet is based at four hubs: Tripoli International Airport, Benina International Airport, Misrata Airport and Sebha Airport.
3During the Libyan Civil War flight operations were suspended on March 17, 2011. Flights did not resume until 3 July 2012.

Flying with Afriqiyah Airways
There’s limited information about inflight services and cabin classes of Afriqiyah Airways. In this review, we aim to give our reader facts not theories. We tried looking for some pictures of the cabin interior of Afriqiyah Airways. I hope these images will somehow help:
Afriqiyah Airways Reviews-cabin
Afriqiyah Airways Reviews of Passengers
This might be unreliable, but at least it will help travellers to know how is to fly with Afriqiyah Airways. According to Skytrax’s Airlinequality, the airline had gathered an overall score of 5/10 rating based on 29 Afriqiyah Airways reviews. Though unfortunately, these are all back dated feedback and the most recent is in 2011. Wherein the passenger said:

“I bought the ticket in February to travel to Kinshasa in April – in March all flights were cancelled because of the conflict in Libya. I went to the travel agency to ask about what I should do – the answer was to wait until the end of the conflict. Agency was unable to rebook me or to transfer to other airlines. I am having difficulties to find their offices in London or contacts – can someone help. I have lost my money and time and no one to help.

Official Website and Contact Support
We tried to look for the official page of Afriqiyah Airways, and all we got is this(
Afriqiyah Airways Reviews-page
As shown on this page, the only option to reach them is by sending them an email to “”. Too bad they don’t have a website yet, this won’t actually help them improve their airline’s sales or passenger volume since the modernized way now of booking and searching is done over the PC or mobile. If they won’t have a site and a mobile application for their booking and information accommodation, then this will be a really serious problem.
Afriqiyah Airways Reviews-logo
On a positive note, here we gathered Afriqiyah Airways’ head office address, phone and fax number:

  • Contact Number:           +218 21 44 49 128
  • Fax Number:                  +218 21 44 49 128
  • Head Office Address:     PO Box 83428, All Khalifa Zaidi Street,Tripoli, Libya

With the small amount of information and lack of services the airline has, I guess for now Afriqiyah Airways is not one of the best airlines so far. But we can’t just judge an airline just because they are bad lately. We need to always remember, it is in mistakes where we learn to be better. Who knows? Maybe this year, winds of changes might occur to them.

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  1. The airline has improved since I first started travelling with them 4 years ago. The airplanes are new food is great seats comfortable and staff are improving. However the baggage service is a big disgrace.

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