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Did you know Aeroflot has the most attractive Stewardess in flight? They are even considered as super models on board. Russians are known to be rude but this trait doesn’t apply to the quality of service the airlines is providing. Join me as I examine a pleasant Russian experience with Aeroflot.

Aeroflot Reviews - Vitaly Savelyev
Vitaly Savelyev

Trace Its Roots and Grew
61 year old Russian businessman, Vitaly Savelyev, is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aeroflot and has been since 2009. The Leningrad Engineering and Economics Institute was a boxer and now married and has two sons. Within his term of being the CEO the airline was honored as the “Best Company for Business Travelers” by Brand Awards 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

Aeroflot was the first airline that had launched the world’s first jet? This happens in 1959, TU-104 operating domestic and international routes. They also had the world’s first largest aircraft in 1950s with a TU-114.

Aeroflot is a Russian word for “Air Fleet” and is the largest airline of the Russian Federation as well as the flag carrier with a fleet size of 162 based in Sheremetyevo International Airport serving 129 destinations worldwide. They joined Skyteam airline alliance in April 2006 as the first carrier in the Soviet Union and with plans of increasing cargo operations.

Russian kind of Service
Aeroflot’s cabin classes are designated into four types: Economy, Comfort, Premier and President. However they only provide two kinds of cabin classes depending on the aircraft.
Premier Class – Airbus A319, A320 and A321 only

  • Premier Class Airbus A319, A320 and A321 only
  • President Class – Boeing 767 and  Airbus A330 only

*Complimentary meals and beverages are served in Economy and Comfort Class. Premier and President Class get the special meal choice of Russian dishes, Western and other international cuisines with wines.

PC and Mobile Version
mobile app
I personally love the layout of Aeroflot’s official website for it’s calm and cool effect of blue. However some of the fonts are too small specially the header. On the left hand side of the page shows the website features to book flights either one-way or roundtrip and this is limited to 6 people. On a positive note, travellers get to book hotel reservations and car rentals as well.

The nav bar at the top of the page gives access to send a feedback, get the latest aviation, check Aeroflot Bonus account and change language to 8 other languages. What really caught my attention was the section shown right below the header as “Additional Charges”. I discovered there’s a list of service charges and fees like baggage allowances.

Aeroflot has a mobile travel app ready to be download on mobile devices. The travel app is available in the Google Play store and App store. The features include booking flights, checking in online, check flight status, access to Aeroflot Bonus account and airline policies. The airline is assistive because they also offer email support as well for mobile app queries. They are reachable at:

Aeroflot Reviews of Customers
Reading the most recent Aeroflot reviews got me a little confused about the efficiency of Aeroflot. It was the same feeling Veronica felt with her recent experience with the airlines. She was nervous after scanning through reviews however when she flew with Aeroflot it was the other way around and she was pleasantly surprised. She said that flight, food, entertainment, seats are “good”. She ended her review with “Russians tend to not smile, so just deal with it.” and this was posted on October 12, 2015 with 9/10 rating by
Contact information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                +7 800 444 55 55
  • Contact Email:         
  • Fax Number:                      +7 495 784 71 42
  • Head Office Address:         10, Arbat St. Moscow, 119002, Russia

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  1. I once flew with Aeroflot and the flight stewardess are the perfect example of a Blonde. Beautiful but Stupid!
    I am sorry for the word but really they pissed me off with how they accommodate their customers. Not even close to being considered as “accommodation”. I wonder what other foreigner flew with this Russian airlines had commented?

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