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Acropolis of Athens, Pantheon, Temple of Hephaestus are well known and well preserved ancient structures. Santorini made its own beauty out of the volcanic eruption that hit the Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea 16th century BCE.

Aegean Airlines has been in business for 28 years. Being that its located in Greece, is it as ancient as the temples? Will it make its own beauty after crisis?

Emergence of Aegean Airlines
Aegean Airlines was founded in 1987 initially as Aegean Aviation which was originally a VIP air business operation although on February 17, 1992, the company was the first private airline with an operator’s certificate in Greece. First commercial flights commenced around mid 1999, from there they acquired Air Greece. In 2001 a merge happened with Aegean and Cronus Airlines which changed the name to Aegean Cronus Airlines. Recently in 2005-2006 the airlines had partnership with Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines. The airlines officially changed named to Aegean Airlines in 2009 and they were able to accommodate 6.6 million passengers more than its rival airlines.

The current Managing Director and CEO of Aegean Airlines since 2007, Mr. Dimitrios Gerogiannis, is 54 year old Greek born in Edessa, Greece. He was responsible for the finance and the administration of the airlines since 1999.

Aegean Airlines Reviews - Dimitrios Gerogiannis
Dimitrios Gerogiannis

Ancient FACTS
Aegean airlines’ logo is two seagulls flying in coordination which signifies their membership with Star Alliance which they’ve been a part of since June 2010. The airlines fleet size of 44 which consists of the following: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Dash 8 Q400 and Dash 8-100. The bases of the airlines are located at Athens International Airport, Larnaca International Airport and Thessaloniki International Airport.

Aegean Airlines was really affected and under pressure due to the recent Greek financial crisis occurring mid 2015. The airline really made adjustments by adding extra flights to new destinations.

“For every distant you want to bring closer.” is the airlines company slogan.

Awards are really one of the things Aegean Airlines have to be proud of. The most recent one was being the “World’s 3rd place in Best Regional Airline”; “Europe’s 1st place in Best Regional Airline”; “Top 29th Airlines out of 100” from the 2015 Skytrax World Airline Awards
Aegean Airlines Reviews - awards

Greek Services
The airlines comes with two cabin classes: To learn more about the cabin classes separately click the classes, Economy Class and Business Class.

Aegean Airlines’ has a service, “
Discover Greek cuisine”, which passengers enjoy the fine dishes of the traditional recipes from the island of Greece. The menu includes creations inspired by Greek cuisines made by chef Nikos Santos who is  the chairman of Greek Chef’s Club and Eurotoque.

For the “
Discover Greek Wine”, Mr Konstantinos Lazarakis manages the wine selections for he is known as the Master of Wine.

There are two kinds of in-flight entertainment on board. The blue magazine and the monitor, in which both of them give the touch of Greece by flashing image samples of Greece tourist attractions, archaeological sites, crete and traditional villages.

The airlines accommodates customers who needs
special assistance as to children travelling alone, with pets, with an infant, pregnant woman and even dietary meals.

Miles Bonus is the frequent flyer program of Aegean Airlines, wherein customers earn points through every trip they take. Like other  airlines the program entitles customers to upgrade their cabin classes, part payment flight awards, shopping and car rentals. To see the overview, click here.

Customer of the airlines have the option to receive the latest deals and package offers by Aegean Airlines to their inbox using the email subscription of the airlines. It’s located at the lowest part of the page when scrolling down. It will just ask for an email address then hit subscribe.

Travel Insurance is also shown as one of their services. To see their travel insurance, click here.

Official website & Mobile app
Aegean Airlines’ website looks cozy and calm yet simple layout where all the fonts are visible and easy to understand. The features provide customers options to book a flight, book hotel reservations, manage booking, car rentals, check-in online and check flight status. The main page promotes a big picture of the latest deals and offers, however if you click on the Plan tab showing at the top right it will give you a list wherein you’ll see “Offers & Competitions” which are offers locally. While the language selector located at the top right as well of the page lets people change their language from English to Deutsch, Italiano, Francais and Espanol.

Aegean Airlines’ mobile app lets people to do the same thing as the normal website just using their smartphones. Passengers can also use this as their mobile boarding pass and a travel guide. The mobile version is available in iOS and Android.
Mobile app

Aegean Airlines’ customer feedback
In this Aegean Airlines reviews, the airlines is getting a string of bad comments from their passengers. One recent reviewer was angry and gave the airlines a 1/10 rating from The reviewer said that she had the worst experience ever. She flew from Israel to Brussels. She was overcharged ⅓ of the total fare just because of an excess luggage weight. She missed her connection flight and had to pay 5x the original ticket price because the airline insisted she had enough time to get to the gate in time. First flight landing was delayed 10 minutes and she was stuck on the plane for another 20 minutes because her hand carry-on was all the way at the back of the plane, so she had to wait for everyone to get off first. She ended her review with “Bottom line, NEVER AGAIN!.”

Contact information

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            +30 210 62 61 000
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                  +30 210 62 61 900
  • Head Office Address:     31, Vitanioti Street, Kifisia, 145 64 Athens, Greece

In this Aegean Airlines reviews, the airlines is putting up a good fight despite the capital controls they will still continue operating and will get the supplies need to ensure integrity of their operations and also the full quality of service for their customers. That’s not just a mythology. They are making history



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