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Initially known as “Inex-Adria Aviopromet” (Inex-Adria Airways) in March 1961, Adria Airways purchased two DC-6B from the flag carrier of Netherlands, KLM. The airline’s first inaugural flight was made in December 1961 by a team of Dutch crew and technical team trained from the flag carrier of Serbia, JAT Airways and Air Force. Adria Airways gradually acquired a market with tourist flights from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia to airports on the Adriatic coast, that in 1964 flights to United States and Canada were added to the airline’s route.

Moreover, did you know that Adria Airways was one of the first airlines that obtained an an IOSA certificate from IATA in 2004? IATA is a program which evaluates and assesses the operational and management system of an airline. In the same year, the airline also joined Star Alliance.
aircraft'Now, Adria Airways has its main hub at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, which is located near Ljubljana with a growing fleet size of 12 consisting of Airbus and Bombardier serving over 23 routes throughout Europe. They fly with their company slogan “Taking Off To The Future” and are being led by their CEO, Mark Anžur.

Adria Airways Reviews and Inflight Services
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First of all, the flight attendants of Adria Airways were constantly being listed as part of the most attractive stewardesses in the world. In an article, they were mentioned with “A pleasant appearance and a friendly genuine smile”. Plus the fact that Adria Airways reviews show that these crew are accommodating, friendly and professional. Let’s take a look at the airline’s onboard hospitality.

Adria Airways has four services inflight classified as Economy, Economy Flexible, Economy Premium and Business. To see the differences between each cabin class, click here.

Now, let’s take a look at what passengers have to say about the airline.

The airline got a 3-star ranking from Skytrax and with accordance to the same site, based on 59 Adria Airways reviews, the Slovenian airline had an overall score rating of 7/10. However, I wonder what’s wrong with the actual comments? The most recent posted online are saying that Adria Airways’ attendants started to be gloomy and unfriendly. Moreover, they mentioned about the frequent delayed flights. I wonder if Adria had looked into this matter?

Official Website
At first when you access the page of the airlines, make sure to change the language to English, since the airline is originally from Slovenia, the website is defaultly in Slovenian. Moving forward, I personally love the layout of the whole site of Adria Airways, from the header down to the bottom page. Why? It is because the page is easy to access and understand. It offers services online for flights and destinations, special offers, managing booked flights, airline policies, information and services. It is quite obvious too that the site promotes the tourism of Slovenia. Who wouldn’t? Since the country was known as the Land of Diversity.
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Contact Information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact Number:                +386 (0)1 369 1010
  • Contact Email:          
  • Fax Number:                       +386 (0)4 259 4570
  • Head Office Address:          Zgrnij Brnik 130h, 4120 Brnik, Slovenia

Adria Airways Reviews-overviewOverview
In the past two years the airline was nominated as “Europe’s Leading Regional Airline”. However, the award was won by Pegasus Airline. On a positive note, they might not have won the award, but enough recognition was enough to make the airline incisive. I would definitely want to try flying with this airline.

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  1. Flew Zurich-Ljubljana on JP365 newish CRJ900. Flight almost full departure on time. Service on board by 2 pleasant and friendly female flight attendants. I bought coffee mineral water and a very nice and fresh filled croissant for EUR 6. Good value!

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