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Adioso Reviews - AZIM BARODAWALA
Azim Barodawala

Adioso traces it roots back in January 2008 to a self taught programmer; Fenn Bailey and his business partner; Tom Howard. Tom and Fenn had a trip to Thailand with friends in November 2006 using Jetstar, that’s when Fenn got an idea and started a travel site that optimized searching from Australian low-cost airlines with the best airfares and deals. The popularity of the travel site grew and was initially deployed from an internet cafe now part of Silicon Valley’s seed funding program.

Now the CEO of Adioso is not the founder but a new member of Adioso, Azim Barodawala, is also the CEO of Volantio where his CTO is Fenn Bailey. The travel meta search engine raised recently $15,000 in funding and $1 million in revenue

What is Adioso?
Adioso is an Australian online travel agency designed to help travelers to find the best airfare deals and packages from low-cost airlines and other travel sites. The company slogan says “Travel to the places, things and people you love with complete flexibility”. Let us see how flexible Adioso works.
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Initially, customers have to select their location by cities and airports, then they should just fill out the destination, dates and number of travelers to complete the basic searching. In this review I select from Vancouver, Canada to Amsterdam, Netherlands November 16 to 20 and 2 Adults under Economy  Class.

After entering the credentials and hitting “Find Flights” an impromptu shows an option for travelers to receive the best deals in their inbox via Adioso’s newsletter service. Customers just have to type in their email address and hit sign up. Moving forward the search result page, I was actually confused about it but noticed the prices are arranged from cheapest and from which airlines, the offer is available and it’s powered via Expedia and Cheapoair.
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On a positive note, the result page might be confusing at first but it’s actually reliable because customers can filter the results from SmartView to Best, Cheapest or Fastest and it displays as well the flight’s duration and stop hours. They can also book one way instead of round trip.

commentsThink Twice with Adioso
Adioso is one of the fishy sites where no actual customer reviews are found but writers’ reviews are only visible. How come? I wonder why such “said” popular site with so much flowery introduction and history has no ACTUAL reviews, feedback or comments? It is shown that the travel site is  legit and user friendly but how can someone trust a site if they have no basis of other’s’ opinion? No one will dare to buy online without much knowledge of the company’s efficiency.
Contact information

  • Website URL:               
  • Contact number:                    61 4 3520 5399
  • Contact Email:             
  • Head Office Address:             PO Box 319, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC 3121, Australia

Adioso is painting a good picture in this field business. However they are lacking one essential factor in business; “People”. Without people, there will be no customers, without customers there will be no business. They may have the right people for their employment but they don’t have enough people to believe in them. Word of mouth is one of the assets of a company’s success and failure as well. Someone from their side should tell us at least if someone had already booked with them or no one has?

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  1. I was searching for flights, but there were never any results. I tried different airports and different dates, but it still didn’t show any results. It used to work and come up with great deals, but then the site that it directed me to had either higher prices or never popped up. I don’t recommend using this site.

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