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AbhiBus Reviews - historyAbhiBus, meaning “Bus Now” in Hindi, with the goal of bringing inventories of bus operators online, was commenced with the idea of Sudhakar Reddy Chirra in 2007. The AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited was the first online bus ticketing platform founded in the world. Mr. Chirra is not only the founder but also the current Chief Executive Officer of AbhiBus, and director in Bus Alliance India Private Limited.

What’s AbhiBus?
Initially, travelers are given a coupon code to get a cashback of 40% when they book with Abhibus, customers are asked to enter their email address and password. I wonder why password was also asked? I didn’t try to enter mine just to play safe. So I just ignored the offer.

The main page of Abhibus lets customers search and compare for bus tickets. However when I tried type, it keeps saying “Oy! You forgot to enter From city” well it’s not helping me to search for reference related to what I typed, that I have to search for Indian cities. I tried using Bihar Sharif to Raja Nagaram, but all I got was this:
AbhiBus Reviews - result pageOn a positive note, options to print or cancel booked tickets are shown on the top right of the page before the toll free number. Scrolling further down only gives an access to download their mobile app.

mobile app
AbhiBus services had extended their services in the Google Play store; by downloading the “AbhiBus.com Online Bus Tickets” app, travelers can check their booking history, get customer support and make payments. Travelers can also search for bus tickets similar to the PC version, from over 2,000 operators and 50,000 routes across India.

india bus awardsThere was no history for travel bus awards. However, in 2015 with the idea of AbhiBus.com, they launched an awards for “India Bus Awards”; the aim of this awards is to honor and recognize excellence in the Bus industry. Through this, Abhibus was able to come up with a company motto; “Excellence is not being the best; it is doing your best.”

What do AbhiBus’ Customers Say?
However, according to some AbhiBus reviews, the online bus ticketing agency receives complaints from their consumers. They were even known as “Worst Service” provider. Let me give you some of the most recent comments posted by their customers from the most recent:

“I had recently booked a bus ticket via abhibus site. The experience was the worst. They did not inform me about the bus cancellation and when I raised a complaint on receiving a call from bus operator they just cancelled my complain ticket without informing me. The only thing they were saying was you can travel if you are comfortable to travel beside a male passenger. When I said No, they cancelled my ticket and promised a refund. But till now I haven’t received any refund.”
Contact information

  • Website URL:                   www.abhibus.com
  • Contact number:              +91 40 4910 2345
  • Fax Number:                    +91 40 4910 2300
  • Head Office Address:       Floor 1, GNR’s RV INSIGNIA, Silicon Valley Layout, Image Garden Road,
    Madhapur, Hyderabad, India

AbhiBus Reviews - pissed

Obviously, I wasn’t happy about how Abhibus works. I wasn’t even able to see a clear result from searching. I think, Abhibus should look into that matter. No question why customers keep sending complaints rather than admiration to the pioneer in online bus ticketing. Am I not alone who read several AbhiBus reviews? Feel free to share your story below.



  1. Their booking site changed my dates at the time of booking which caused me to have to cancelled my reservation. So now to cancelled I am charged a fee for that privilege, with this kind of service I will never use Abhibus again and recommend no one else does.Fix your reservation site.its a no star review.

    • Lisa,
      Hi! Thank you for this comment, I really love that you guys are reading my reviews. However I am sad to hear what had Abhibus had done to your reservation, I hope this review helped you to know more about them

  2. I have booked ticket through Abhibus from Chennai to Hyderabad. When I reach the address I came to know that Muskan travel already cancel the bus reservation and they refunded the money as well but I didn’t get any refund from Abibhus! So don’t believe on this fake online site. They cheated innocent people.

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