The previous year passed and many of you may be thinking or are beginning to think of making new year resolutions, such as travel plans for the year ahead. 2017 entered with a bang and all around the world travellers are busy making travel resolutions they can follow for the year. Make this the year for travel by creating new travel resolutions and living out of the box. That way, your travelling days though structured can be filled with special and thoughtful touches and more opportunities to grow as a person.

The following are some travel resolutions for the year that can guide you as you travel:

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make Plans

  1. Go out of your comfort zone and try visiting a country or city you have never heard of or are not that familiar with. This is one good way to start your travel planning. Your own native country alone may have some off the grid towns, villages, or regions you don’t know that are filled with new places to explore and learn about. You don’t know everything about where you’re from; start 2017 on the right foot by exploring around you. Take that trip overseas and enter a destination that’s off the beaten path and learn things that ordinary traveling won’t teach you. While you’re at it, do things you wouldn’t normally do!

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make adventure

  1. Start learning new languages using travel and language apps. Learning the local language will help you navigate new terrain and make interacting with locals easier and more rewarding. Apps like Google Translate have speech recognition and written language translation features that you can whip up in any situation when you need a quick foreign language fix.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make language learn

  1. Go off the beaten path. Be more adventurous. Wherever you are, get your creative travel juices running by whipping up unique travel itineraries for the day. This is made even easier with the ready programs already available in most establishments or hotels you visit. Countries from all over the world obviously have something site-specific to offer that are sure to attract you. From fun music festivals to outdoor activities, safaris to water and nature adventures, the options are unlimited. Think out of the box with this travel resolution and always carry with you an open-minded heart to be in the moment and forget where you are.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make Trek

  1. Live, mingle right in with the locals. A great way to experience a new culture is to see it through the perspective of an insider. Luckily for modern travellers, many apps connect travellers and locals to share a meal, expertly explore the place, or go on a special educational trek that provide you with access to see how people live daily.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make mingle local

  1. Finally cross that item off your bucket list. Did you live through 2016 always dreaming of that one thing you always wanted to do or travel to but never did? As mentioned, make 2017 your year for travel and make that dream a reality. Live your dream and take concrete steps towards making it come true. If you’d had an interest in a particular destination for a long time but never been to it, try going there this year.

5 Unique Travel Resolutions You Can Make DreamThese 5 travel resolutions can guide how you spend your calendar year travelling. What can you say about our list of travel resolutions? Do you agree with them, have favorites of your own, or want to share your own travel resolutions for this year?  If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!




  1. LOL. Look at all those travellers. Hope I couldm follow my own travel resolutions now, one of which is to save money for trips back home.

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