As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh waves the Scottish colours and represents the center of their people’s affairs – from culture to tourism, and more. Edinburgh, Scotland is a beautiful city in its own right, populated by successors to a heritage dating back to the 7th century A.D., and overseeing many historical events, including some of the 5 standout facts about Edinburgh, here:

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh landscape

1. Arthur’s Throne, Edinburgh Castle

One of Edinburgh’s most famous and notable monuments, Edinburgh Castle, has a history as complex and interesting as its facade. The castle is built upon an extinct volcano since dubbed “Arthur’s Throne” or “Arthur’s Seat.” This volcano last erupted 350 million years ago. The massive Edinburgh Castle also had been known as “The Key from the Country” since olden times and is where some precious English and Scottish royalty jewels and coronation Stone of Destiny are kept.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh castle

2. Auld Reekie and its Origins

Edinburgh’s nickname, “Auld Reekie”, can be thought to originate from the stench coming from the city’s primitive sewerage system back in the medieval period. However, Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie nickname refers to the smoke emanating from burning coal and wood in people’s houses and buildings.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh Auld Reekie

3. Production and Inspiration

Some great books were produced and partly written in Edinburgh, a wonderful place for literature and the arts festivals. Controversially, the Encyclopedia Britannica was first produced in the Scottish capital city, featuring scandalous anatomy illustrations of certain body parts deemed inappropriate at the time. Also, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling penned some parts of Harry Potter at Edinburgh cafe, The Elephant, taking inspiration from Edinburgh’s beautiful sceneries and landscape for her book series.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh encyclopedia

4. Green Space

Scottish heads are outnumbered by the heads of trees in the “greenest city in the UK,” Edinburgh. Edinburgh’s Council maintains the city’s clean and green, with 50% of the area dedicated to green space, having more than 130 public parks throughout and many Natural Heritage Sites. Also, Edinburgh has the most listed buildings – with more than 4,500 listed buildings – than any other city other than the United Kingdom’s London or other place in the world, and they make up for this by keeping a lot of trees.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh trees

5. You’ll have had your tea.

“You’ll have had your tea” was once a widespread greeting in Edinburgh if you didn’t want anyone to start a kettle. In fact, some Edinburgh people still use it today to avoid others putting a kettle on. Apparently, the phrase roots back to 18th century nobleman Mackintosh of Borlum who started the trend, not liking the unpleasant sound of tea-slurping during social events.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh tea

Edinburgh, Scotland earned a rich and fascinating folklore and history since the city’s establishment thousands of years before recorded events. With a people who inhabit the glorious city set amongst hills and historic structures like Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill, and towns old and new overlooking the distinct landscape, Edinburgh continues its long line to become one of the most important gems for travellers and Scotland.

5 Standout Facts and Figures About Edinburgh overview

Tourists to Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh may have a hefty dose of the place’s history but Edinburgh’s nooks and crannies yield more standout facts you can explore – from physical features to fun details, there’s something for everyone in Edinburgh.

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  1. Edinburgh was a bit eerie & gloomy when we visited it last year. I however was very amused by the vacation. The place has a lot of story and history to it, you’re never quite done.

  2. This place is fascinating. I only read about them in history books but I’ve always been fascinated by Edinburgh. This city is definitely on my must visit list.

  3. I never considered visiting Edinburgh as they’re a bit far down my bucket list. But this review opened my eyes to how quirky and historical it is.

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