5 Reasons to Go to Japan

It’s not really that hard to fall in love with Japan. Travelling to Japan is a chance to visit a country that is most steeped in the tradition and culture of their own country – deeply proud and very generous people. It is a challenge and a massive reward holidaying here. So much so that I am now planning on returning to live there. Today, we’ll be encouraging you, or you might already have it on your list. But, we’ll be telling you the 5 Reasons to Go to Japan!


In spring, the Sakura bloom in Japan and everyone wants to be outside to catch this million dollar view. See the cherry blossoms with your own eyes and most of all wait for the Hanami or flower viewing that signals the end of winter and the beginning of the Sakura bloom.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Temples and Shrines

All the beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are reason enough to visit Japan. One of the best-preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto offers something like 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines within the limits of the Kansai Region city, while Nara is home to no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to some of the best temples not only in Nara Prefecture, but in the country.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Mount Fuji

Take a selfie behind the majestic 12,389 ft Fujisan, then post it on your Facebook and be the envy of all your friends stuck back home. Mount Fuji is one of the world’s best known mountains. It’s considerably easier to climb than other famous mountains such as Everest and Kilimanjaro. You should definitely buy a walking stick! Because, each climbing station on the way up the mountain has a branding iron. You brand your stick at each station up the trail.

Japan 2012

Before getting directly to the one of the most visited destinations in Japan, let’s talk about Tokyo. The capital is actually the top tourist destination in the country. And, in the heart of Japan you’ll find the famous mobile suit Gundam Statue (Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT) at the main entrance of Diver City Tokyo. Inside, tourists can watch a  footage of the 1/1 Gundam taken from a crane, famous scenes from past Gundam series, which reviews show as impressive and highly-detailed. Also, life-sized characters from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE are here. Just don’t forget to drop by the souvenir shops and Gunpla Tokyo, the biggest exhibition having 1,000 kinds of Gunpla models on display.

5 Reasons to Go to Japan-Cosplay

The birthplace of anime. Fanatics are going crazy for the wide variety of anime features, merchandise, commercial businesses, and entertainment only available in Japan. Find your way to Tokyo and storm the entrance gate of the Suginami Animation Museum and meet all the famous anime characters you love so much.

Many people might not have a certain affection as others towards anime, but maybe if they see the rich culture with their own eyes, they’d understand why some people stay up all night just to finish their favorite anime season.

Otaku is actually term to describe someone being obsessed over something. But, the term is more prominent now-a-days as someone with an obsession over anime. Forget about Comic-con for now or any convention for now, go to Japan and ask the citizens for advice about cosplaying.
5 Reasons to Go to Japan-vocaloid
There are actually more than 5 Reasons to Go to Japan; but, in this article we narrowed it down to five. Believe us, Japan is one of the countries you shouldn’t be missing. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun and do all these 5 Reasons to Go to Japan, make sure to do your research first; also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.



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