We all know travelling is a life filled with new things, some of which when indulged in can be problems to our health. Simply by boarding your airplane or getting the ride of your life on a cruise ship or a lengthy road trip, new stressors pose a risk unique to travel.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling traveller

While constant movement is an obvious problem at the get go, others hit closer to home – from your body’s circadian rhythm, its diet and exercise, and other factors that can prevent you from having a healthy vacation.

1. Sleeping Habits

Travelling will take its toll on your body. You’re moving and outdoors most of the time, exploring and drinking in the sights. Eventually, you feel exhausted and rush back into your hotel for a nap. A good night’s sleep, a power nap in the middle of the day, can refresh all your senses and wake you up before your next escapade.

Sleeping properly keeps you healthy throughout your vacation. All you have to do is shut your eyes, relax, drift to sleep, and listen to your body clock telling you when the right time is for another shut eye.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling sleep

2. Eat healthily

Before leaving the hotel, have a taste of their healthier breakfast options. A hearty breakfast is important to setting the course of the rest of your packed day. The right hydration, drinking a lot of water, is just as important, especially for travellers. Manage to bring around a water bottle with you wherever you go to stay hydrated and snack on fruits and vegetables over junk food or alcoholic drinks. Coupled with enough sleep, this diet will keep you healthy.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling food

3. Stay active

So the basic considerations to staying healthy – sleep and diet – had been covered, followed now by proper exercise. Veering away from sounding like a crash course on healthy travelling, I recommend you treat your body with occasional stretches and beneficial walks or runs around the neighbourhood. If your exercise’s limited indoors, you won’t need a gym membership or even an exercise mat to start flexing your muscles. Try out anything active that fits your taste, budget, and schedule.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling exercise

4. Medication and Protection

This includes over the counter multivitamins, insect repellent lotions, doctor-prescribed medication before you leave, and even sun protection. You’ll need all these to stay healthy wherever you’re going. Your doctor can help you with the necessary vaccines while insect repellents and especially sunblock with the right SPF are a must in some destinations.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling protection

5. Avoid unhealthy habits

In Japan, the locals only eat until they’re 80% full. This diet may be the reason behind their long lives. To use them as an example of a healthy lifestyle, the last thing you can consider is avoiding the kinds of food or ways of eating that can cause you tummy upsets, discomfort, or future sickness. Sweet food and alcohol can be consumed, at reasonable amounts.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling habit

Try not to exhaust yourself during physical travel too much; refer to Sleep Habits and consider the small steps you can take to avoid stressing your body, whether by the wrong diet or practices.

We hope that you found these 5 practical tips useful to your quest towards staying healthy as you travel. You can avoid falling sick if you practice these five and have the worry-free vacation you planned for.

5 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling airplane

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  1. I do most of these things already but I still get sick. I blame it on the changes wherever I go to as I am sensitive to chilly places.

  2. I can’t stand those mosquito infested places. Yuck, I’m so freaked out by all the diseases people get.

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