Miami is one of the coolest, most posh places to visit in the United States of America, and be seen in at the same time. If travelling and making the most of your time in Miami are on your mind, yet you don’t have transportation, these 5 luxury car rental companies give you a chance to drive the car you always dreamed of in the Miami area.

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Miami

1. Elite Luxury Services

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Elite Luxury Services

This car rental service company offers the widest range of luxury sedans and exotic sports cars, a selection that includes the following models: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Audi, Aston Martin, and Cadillac, all ready to be driven next time you are in Miami. Elite Luxury Services offers pick-ups or transportation to meet travellers at their hotels or airports, and services that mean these amazing luxury cars can be used for whatever need or purpose throughout the city.

2. Dynasty Luxury Rentals

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Dynasty Luxury Rentals

“A new luxury concept,” Dynasty Luxury Rentals features the most recent extensive selection of models, 2015 and 2016 car models with low miles. Gain access to more than 30 different models, with 2017 cars included in their fleet. They offer these 5-star services at competitive rates, and specialise in exotic car rentals, luxury sedans car rentals, convertible car rentals, and  SUV car rentals to make cruising around Miami in a stylish new car possible at a good price.  

Check out their newest models arrivals on their official website.

3. Luxury Car Rentals Miami

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Luxury Car Rentals Miami

A massive and sleek Range Rover fronts Luxury Car Rentals Miami’s official homepage: a perfect representation of the strength in services and high glamour that the car rental company gives. Their wide array of luxury cars are delivered to clients anywhere in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Miami Beach to boost in part Luxury Car Rentals Miami’s adherence to excellent customer service. BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Mercedes, Porsches, Masarati, Bentley, and Viper are some cars that make up their selection which can be rented, always delivered in pristine condition.

4. Prestige Luxury Rentals

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Prestige Luxury Rentals

This company humbles the luxurious nature of their business with their belief that creating and maintaining great relationships with clients is what it takes to be a world-class company. Prestige Luxury Rentals makes dreams possible, allowing anyone an affordable path to drive around Miami’s most stunning attractions and landscapes in a luxury vehicle of their choice. No matter what the purpose, event, or what sights you intend to see, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Aston martin, and Jaguar can take you towards the best satisfaction with 50% of their customers being repeat ones and 25% referrals,

5. Ventura Luxury Car Rental

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami Ventura Luxury Car Rental

Ventura Luxury Car Rental is apparently Miami’s number 1 luxury and exotic car rental provider. Among their roster are shiny exotic cars, convertibles, luxury cars, and SUVs that can be rented with Daily Specials advertised on their secure online system. Their cars can take you anywhere in Miami and Miami Beach in high style, and all look brand new and astonishingly sophisticated, just view their pictures. Their deals for daily or weekly usage attract more customers to try out this kind of service. Ventura Luxury Car Rental is available in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, pickups and delivery to hotel included.

Free wheel in Miami with the city’s culture of renting luxury and exotic cars for any occasion.

5 Luxury Car Rental Companies in Miami hotel service

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  1. Luxury cars driving has always been a dream of mine. I didn’t even know you could actually rent one, no wonder a lot of people drive those cars in Miami.

  2. What a beautiful way to tour Miami, would love to ride one of these expensive cars one day!!! Give me a reason to and I will!!!

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