5 Best Castle Hotels In the World
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-castle
Once upon a time… that’s how it all started. But, this isn’t any story-telling fairytale or myth. Once upon a time: it’s the ideal way to begin your own fairy-tale holiday, especially if you plan on staying in one of the castle hotels. These properties now offer their aristocratic luxuries to mere mortals like us. From turrets and moats to spas and nouvelle cuisine, these splendid estates blend the best of the past and present to create an experience fit for 21st-century kings and queens.

Now is your chance to feel like royalty; here we gathered the 5 Best Castle Hotels In the World!

1. Burghotel Auf Schoenburg, Germany
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Burghotel Auf Schoenburg

Located in Oberwesel and having had housed family members of the Dukes of Schönburg for years, it was burned down by French soldiers in 1689; it was later renovated and restored as a 24-room hotel overlooking the Rhine River. A castle-turned-into-a-hotel had exceeded vacationers’ expectations more than just reading the reviews and forum.
Price: rooms starts at around $174/night

2. Ashford Castle, Ireland
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Ashford Castle

While many vacations to Europe are spent touring medieval castles, the Ashford gives you the ultimate chance to stay in one for a night. From the castle’s entrance through the impressive gate and walls, the Ashford separates itself from other castle hotels by its sheer size alone. This castle has hosted everyone from King George V to John Lennon. The presidential suite is named after one of its most illustrious guests, former President Ronald Reagan.
Price: rooms start at around $270/night

3. Singer Castle, United States
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Singer Castle

The 5-story, 28-room granite castle was given by a self-made millionaire from New York City, Frederick Bourne, as a gift of his as a new hunting lodge. After his death, it was now open for scheduled tours Mid-May through Mid-October and to a hotel which is nowadays known as “Singer Castle;” the name was in honor of the company that made Bourne rich.
Price: Royal Suite is an entire section of the castle and sleeps 6 guests and costs $700/night.

4. Hotel de la Cité, France
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Hotel de la Cité

After serving as an important trading post for centuries, the Romans started to fortify the hilltop in 100 B.C. Now, the castle hotel captivates tourists with amazing views of the valley below and is right next to the Basilica of Saint Nazaire. You could also wander the medieval street around the hotel. Most of the magic comes from staying inside the fairy-tale old town of Carcassonne which is basically a giant walled castle the size of a small village.
Price: $750-1000/night and only adults can stay overnight in the Castle

5. Skibo Castle, Scotland
5 Best Castle Hotels In the World-Skibo Castle

Sorry we got to kill a little excitement here, but this castle is exclusive and expensive: the Skibo Castle is in the Scottish Highlands. Parts of the castle date back to 1186 when is was built as a watch tower to house bishops, but the first fortified palace wasn’t until 1545.
Price: $1500/night and only adults can stay overnight in the Castle

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