The heart and lifeblood of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most enchanting and fascinating cities in the region. Offering people from all walks of life a unique experience and a never-ending stream of perspective with which to live and travel, Bangkok’s a special place made up of daily quirks. Live life a little differently from the underbelly of Bangkok, where you’ll discover even more riches and time-honoured activities, such as the following:

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok train

1. Chao Phraya River Excursion

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok river cruise Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River, a central attraction of Bangkok, runs through most of the city with ferries transporting tourists and locals to various drop-off and pick-up points throughout. Visitors can get on one of these ferries and watch the scenic view of Bangkok pass by – from rich sites to shanties – from their boat. A great and unique way to experience Bangkok, and a far cry from the congested traffic jams and air pollution the capital city is also known for, Chao Phraya River ferries are some locals’ means of transportation to get to work. Obviously, it’s a perfect sightseeing opportunity for tourists who can literally get the best of both worlds via a Chao Phraya River excursion.

2. Get a special massage

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok massage parlor

Thailand is filled with all kinds of massage parlors. Some of these employ blind masseuses. In Bangkok, there are quite a few of these latter types of massage parlors. More and more kinder, more “ethical” managers are on the mission to improve these special workers’ working conditions; blind massage parlors that prioritise blind employees’ living standards are a great discovery for us customers. In some of Bangkok’s best blind massage parlours, customers going in for a massage are treated with a special touch and more than they paid for.

3. Surf and Other Nature-loving Activities

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok surf

There are a lot of beautiful places to explore, bicycle, trek in Bangkok to get off the beaten path. One thing you can do is surf. Some establishments mimic the real thing in an artificial wave setting, becoming hugely popular to tourists looking for fun in Thailand. Flow House Bangkok, their most popular urban beach club, is where one can “escape the city and go surf,” eat, drink, and enjoy the outdoor beach vibe.

4. Markets and Shopping Paradises

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok market

Bangkok has some of the largest, most colourful markets and shopping malls not only in Southeast Asia but in the world. Visiting the capital isn’t complete without wandering into one of their most famous shopping sites, even for just the sake of wandering. Bring in a map though or study the area to avoid getting lost. Shoppers can encounter all manners of items for sale at amazing prices or ogle at designer products.

The city’s rife with another kind of market altogether: the gourmet food market, basically an open space filled with small gourmet food restaurants serving a mix of local and international cuisine in a “modern” setting.

If you’re planning a visit to Bangkok soon, consider these somewhat odd but ever-present facets of daily life in the city. Partaking in these activities brings you closer to the place and its people, exposing you to another side of Thai culture.

4 Offbeat Activities in Bangkok explore bicycle temple

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