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​Iran Air was a merger between two pioneer airlines in Iran. In 1944, the idea of creating a flag carrier for Iran under the name “Iran Airways”, which will cater domestic, regional and some scheduled international flights to Europe, emerged. Initially, the airline was an all-Douglas DC-3 fleet. In 1954, freight air service PAS was established, which stands for Persian Air Services and was composed entirely of a fleet of Douglas DC-7C.

​Iran Air Reviews-Farhad Parvaresh
Farhad Parvaresh

On the 24th of February 1962, Iran Airways and Persian Air Services had finally merged and their combination was renamed to Iran National Airlines Corporation, also known as ​Iran Air. Now the airline carries their livery as a mythical bird of Iranian legends and fables, Huma with total fleet size of 45 which consists of Airbus, Boeing and Fokker. Based on several ​Iran Air reviews and facts, the airline caters routes to 28 domestic and 30 international destinations while operating in Tehran-Mehrabad and Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Iran Air’s company slogans are “Our Mission Is Your Safety” and “We Take You There, We Take You Back” and they are currently led by their Chairman and CEO, Mr. Farhad Parvaresh.

One infamous story about Iran Air was Flight 655 on July 3, 1988, when the airline was accidentally mistaken as a fighter plane during the tension between Iran-Iraq. US Navy shot down the plane, this was even included as Top 6 in the 10 list of worst plane crashes, click here to see the complete list.

Website Services
The official page of Iran Air looks less appealing than its origins’ story. It is not even close to modernized and also lacks information about things a traveller will usually look up online for such as cabin classes, special assistance and booking availability. On a positive note, the page lets customers sign up for newsletter and also promptly shows the most recent updates and news within Iran Air.
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Iran Air Reviews of Passengers
According to 55 ​Iran Air reviews, the national airline had garnered a score of 5 out 10 in Skytrax. Good thing about those reviews, they are up to date. The most recent review was posted on the 22nd of January 2016 with a 9/10 score, the passenger said:

“Frankfurt to Tehran, and having been in various European and North American flights I was expecting Iran Air to be poor and possibly bad service. However, the crew were jovial and very helpful. Food was delicious, and fresh. Great takeoff and landings of the pilots, it was smooth.” -Sajad Amin
(For reference: http://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/iran-air/)
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                          www.iranair.com
  • Contact Number:                    +98 21 4662 4255
  • Contact Email:                        pr@iranair.com
  • Fax Number:                           +98 21 4662 8224
  • Head Office Address:              Iran Air HQ, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, 13185, Iran

Judging through overall information gathered and learned about Iran Air, including specific Iran Air reviews, the flag carrier is worth the try, since the feedback are at least average and how they handle casualties is a good score to an airline’s credibility.

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  1. I once flown with Iran Air, but I have no concerns about the airline since my experience with them were just fine. I won’t complain to anything because, I guess my airfare was cheap and the flight was smooth, the flight attendants were attentive and accommodating. The cabin is clean and the meal was good. Had a long decent fight.

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